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Medication Policy


The objective of the HAAD Standard for the Administration of Medications is to promote student health and safety in administering medications in schools.

It sets out the service specifications for administration of medication in schools and for record keeping in order to ensure that treatment is administered in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and consistent with HAAD policies and standards.

In line with HAAD standards, Schools should develop a clear School Medication Policy understood and accepted by staff, parents and students to ensure that children with medical needs receive proper care and support in a school or other school related settings. This policy should include the administration of the emergency medication, prescribed medication and medication needed that is not prescribed.


A policy should include

Procedures for managing medications which need to be taken during the school or setting 'day'.
Procedures for managing medications on trips and outings.
A clear statement on the roles and responsibility of staff managing administration of medications, and for administering or supervising the administration of medications. It is imperetive that any person administering medication be educated about the method of administration and contraindications of the medication, and that the medication is administered. Specify how the medication will be administered to students when they participate in field trips, school camps, and other out-of-school activities.
A clear statement on parental responsibilities in respect of their student's medical needs. Notify parents that it is their responsibility to supply the school with prescribed medications, provide labeled containers, keep medications current, supply medical devices (e.g. nebulizers, insulin pumps) and help maintain these devices.
The need for prior written agreement from parents before any medications can be given to a student.
Procedures for students carrying and taking their medications themselves.
Staff training in managing medications safely and supporting an identified individual child.
Record keeping.
Ensuring that student confidentiality is protected.
Safe storage and disposal of medications.
Quick access to the school's emergency procedures and emergency medication.
Risk assessment and management procedures.



HAAD Standard For The Administration Of Medication

HAAD Standard Letter to Stakeholders